The 5 Observables

Archive Of Leaked or Released Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Footage, Displaying One Or Many of the 5 Observables

US Dept. of Homeland Security – Aguadilla Airport Incident

Possible observables:
Low Observability Positive Lift Trans-Medium Travel

The Video


The footage shows an object believed to be up to five feet in length moving at speeds of up to 120mph close the ground before seemingly plunging into the ocean and splitting into two.

The videos were said to have been leaked from briefings by the UAP Task Force, a group set up by US defence chiefs after a vote by the Intelligence Committee.

The video was captured at around 9.20pm as an unknown object flew across the runway of Rafael Hernandez airport in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.

It was captured on infrared camera by a US Customs and Border Protection aircraft – the footage of which was leaked to SCU by an anonymous source.

It is claimed the pilots of a DHC-8 Turboprop spotted a red light over the ocean, they then contacted the control tower who told them they did not know the identity of the object, and then the object’s lights went out as it approached the shore.

The plane then engaged its thermal imaging camera and went on to the follow the UAP.

Additional Details

Sighting date: Apr 25, 2013

Sighting location: Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Number of known witnesses: Unknown (Department of Homeland Security)

In The Media: