“Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.
– Arthur C. Clarke

The 5 Observables

Archive Of Leaked or Released Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Footage, Displaying One Or Many of the 5 Observables

US NAVY – ‘GO FAST’ – USS Theodore Roosevelt incident

Possible observables:
Hypersonic Velocities Positive Lift

The Video


According to articles published in The New York Times and Popular Mechanics among other places, Navy pilots from the USS Theodore Roosevelt carrier had reported sighting unidentified flying objects “almost daily” while training for a deployment to the Persian Gulf. “Unidentified gauzy blobs” on cockpit displays, onboard and off-board radar, infrared detections, and visual sightings by the pilots and weapon systems officers were reported. One pilot (Lt. Ryan Graves) described something “like a sphere encasing a cube”. Once, pilots reported an object almost collided with two jets prompting the VFA-11 fighter squadron to submit an aviation flight safety report.

All known witnesses

  • Lt. Ryan Graves
  • Lt. Danny Aucoin

Other videos

Additional Details

Sighting date: 2014

Sighting location: Near the Florida coast

Number of known witnesses: Unknown (taken aboard US Navy fighter jet)